Huntington Weekend April 2022

Huntington Beach Weekend April 2022 is a two-star USATT Sanctioned event (official confirmation pending) that will be held on April 30, 2022 at Orange County Table Tennis Academy (OCTTA). The venue address is 16035 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 9270. The schedule is as below.

Draws and Results

Projected draws are posted below (subject to change as more players enter, even if not in the event you're looking at). You can also view (unofficial) USATT Rating Projections here.
The Open Singles quarter-finals and onward will be four out of seven. The quarter-finals will begin at 12:30 pm.
Event Champion Runner-Up
Open Xiang Jing Zhang (2680) Kai Zhang (2648)
Under 1400 Mate Szatmary (1072) Andrew Huang (1624)
Under 1550 Tianze Shen (1421) Rufat Ragimov (1353)
Under 1700 Sean Ly (1522) Jason Yongjae Lee (1438)
Under 1850 Jace Jackson (1815) Misael Duran (1801)
Under 2000 Thong Nguyen (1963) Jace Jackson (1815)
Under 2200
Under 2400 Alex Wu (2385) An Nguyen (2390)

Schedule, Fees, and Prizes

Two Advance. Two players advance from each round robin. Unrated players may not advance unless they have a rating estimate from a verified coach. Note that, except for the Open Singles, every player will play in a round robin (i.e. nobody will be directly seeded into the playoffs).

Groups of Four Unless it is mathematically impossible, round robins will be groups of four.

We Run On Time

This is the fourth tournament conducted by this tournament staff. We hate when our tournament runs late, and using a combination of state-of-the-art software and good old fashioned entry restrictions, we believe we've mostly figured out how to avoid doing so. Hence, we will make the following guarantee: If your round robin starts more than 60 minutes after the scheduled run time, we will fully refund your entry for that event.

Payment and Refund (Must-Read)

There will be a non-refundable $10 registration fee.
TL;DR: Due to limited space, your spot will not be guaranteed until you pay your entry and registration fees online. We WILL NOT guarantee that we will contact you before removing your unpaid entry. Your unpaid entry is subject to removal ay any time. Please pay ASAP.
Longer Version: Instead of enforcing a deadline to pay, we will be trying out the following system. On Omnipong, we will list one additional spot than the true capacity for an event. For example, if we plan to accomodate 20 players for an event, it will show 21 spots available on Omnipong. Players can freely register without paying. However, once all spots on Omnipong are taken,the lowest rated player who has not yet paid will be removed from the event. We will not necessarily notify you when removing your unpaid entry from an event. Once we get the full number of paid entries, we will lock the event.

Note that if we remove you from an event, feel free to register again. Just make sure to pay within 30 minutes.

After you have paid, if you choose to withdraw, we will not refund your registration fee. We will refund your event entry if someone else takes your spot (highly likely).

If an event does not reach full capacity, then players who have not yet paid may pay in cash on the day of the tournament. However, if you do not show up 30 minutes before the event's scheduled start time, we will remove you from the draw in order to minimize the number of defaults at our tournament.

If you enter an event that is full and are the lowest player registered and have not yet paid, we will remove your entry as early as 30 minutes after you have registered.

Rules (Optional Reading, but Recommended)

Venue. The tournament will be held at Orange County Table Tennis Academy. The venue address is 16035 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708.

Registration. Registration is live on Omnipong.

Unrated Players Unrated players may not advance unless they have an estimated rating from a USATT League rating or a verified coach or upstanding member of the table tennis community. You can provide an estimated rating to us using this form.

Equipment. We will use Nittaku Premium balls on 13 Butterfly Centerfold tables.

Open Singles. The quarter-finals and onwards in the Open Singles will be four out of seven.

USATT Rules. All generic USATT rules apply. Final decisions are up to the discretion of the tournament director.

Contact. Please text (714) 386-0716 if you have further questions.

SMS Text Message Notifications (Optional Reading, but Recommended)

We will be testing out a new SMS text-message based system of running our tournament that we hope will be more punctual and scalable.

Please sign up for text message notifications for your child, student, and/or yourself. Notifications will include: reminders to pay, notifications that your match is starting and at what table, and notifications if your match is delayed.

We only support American phone numbers (so your number should be ten digits). All standard data and messaging rates apply.

If you already played the ASLT Weekend March 2022, then we already have your phone number. There is no need to sign up again.

Phone Number: +1